Ebenezer Baptist Association



                                ARTICLE 1 - NAME AND PURPOSE 

    The name of this body shall be known as The Ebenezer Baptist Association and
shall be composed of Baptist Churches and its auxiliaries - mainly Missionary
Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, Youth Ministry, and those churches
accepted by compliance affidavit.

     This Body shall be composed of representatives sent by the different churches
which comprise this constituency.  The pastor of the member churches shall be members of the Advisory Council of the association.
    The purpose of the association is to worship Almighty God and advance the
cause of Jesus Christ in accordance with the New Testament.  Further to promote
the religious, social, civic, educational, and moral advancement of this community. 
The association is to give visible form to that faith and fellowship which God has called to his people. 

                                        ARTICLE II - MEMBERSHIP   
    Membership shall be regular; annual and life-with life being lifetime honorary,
or lifetime paid with the membership fee being set from time to time by the Body
or the Executive Committee:

     1.)    A regular membership is one duly elected by the church of which he is a 
             member and is the official messenger of the church and enjoys all of the 
             rights, privileges, and immunities enjoyed by full-fledged members of
             the Body.

    2.)    Annual members are those who pay the annual dues with the privilege 
             of participation.

    3.)    Honorary/Life Membership

            Honorary Life Members are so designated by the Board for outstanding
            service rendered to the Body through the years with full privileges to help
            make resolutions and to vote.

    4.)    Churches must pay their annual membership dues no later than 1 August 
             after the annual session.  Failure to pay membership dues will result in  
             expiration of your church membership with the association.  In the event a   
             church is experiencing difficulties, the pastor should coordinate with the
             association Moderator to rectify the situation as outlined in Article IV,
             Association Mission/Objective.

    5.)    To obtain membership into the Ebenezer Baptist Association, a church 
             must submit EBA Form #4 for acceptance. 

Each church in the Body shall be entitled to its representatives besides the pastor.
The Body respects the independence and rights of the churches of its constituency and shall in no way exercise jurisdiction over them which interfere with these rights.  The Body shall merely serve as an advisory. 


    The mission of this Body shall be to make Disciples of Christ, promote evangelical religious work, maintain and promote Christian Education and secure education,
invest in home and foreign missions work.  This Body shall be available to churches
of the association, to provide assistance when requested.  Looks into request for assistance from the church Body and suggest corrective measures for mutual
prosperity in times of difficulty, advises and suggest ways and means for doing well. 
To help by righteous means to spread the Gospel in our communities and throughout
the world.

    The purpose of making clear the principles as applied through the accepted
practice of our faith as Baptists, that this body may be governed in an orderly manner consistent with the teachings of the Holy Bible, for the purpose of preserving the
liberties inherit in each individual member of this association, and the freedom of
action of this body with respect to its relationship to other of the same faith in God,
we do declare and amend this constitution.

Missionary Ministry: The mission of the Missionary Ministry is to glorify God and
 to share the Good News.  The Ministry shall minister and witness to persons of
special need or circumstances, thereby demonstrating the kingdom of God to the
 world.  It can and should take place in all aspects of the life of the church including worship, teaching, preaching fellowship and service.

Christian Education Ministry: The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to help people make the Christian faith meaningful in their lives, build and participate in the Christian community, and nurture Christian hope for themselves and all other people.

Youth Ministry: The mission of the Youth Ministry is to provide on-going holistic ministries to young people, which will enable them to live as productive Christians. 

                                            ARTICLE V – OFFICERS

    The officers of the Ebenezer Baptist Association shall be a Moderator, First and Second Vice Moderator, Ministry of Ministries, Executive Administrator, Executive Secretary, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Statistician, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Dean of Institute, Organist, and Chaplain. 

    The officer of the Missionary Ministry shall be President, First Vice President,
Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Chaplain.

    The officer of the Christian Education Ministry shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording
Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Chaplain.

    The officer of the Youth Ministry shall be Youth Director, First Vice Director/Directress, Second Vice Director/Directress, Assistant Youth Director, President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Chaplain. 

                                    ARTICLE VI - DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS

(Inserted at the end)


    Each office is set up for a four year term; however, at the end of each annual
 session, an evaluation will be made of each position towards the continuation of
their tenure.  Each office may be re-elected for a succeeding four year term.              

                                ARTICLE VIII - DUTIES OF THE CHURCHES 

    Each church is expected to send a letter containing its annual history - the     
members baptized, received by letter, dismissed by letter, expulsion or death-with
name, complete address and telephone number of the pastor and clerk, and similar appropriate letter forms for the other departments. The letter form should include
the church’s contributions to the various causes sponsored by the Body and should
meet or be working to meet the amount in the budget of the Association. 

                                            ARTICLE IX – WITHDRAWAL 

    Any regular Baptist Church desiring admission to this Body may be received b
 vote of the Body, and the Moderato or his designee giving its representatives the right hand of fellowship.  Such a church must pay the registration fee as designated by the Executive Board and pledge to contribute liberally to the general cause annually. 

                           ARTICLE X - AFFILIATION AND CORRESPONDENCE    

    The Body may affiliate and correspond with Local, State and national Bodies out
to promote the Name of Jesus Christ and the spread of His gospel. 

                                            ARTICLE XI – COMMITTEES 

    The Chief Officer may appoint annual and special committees to draft suitable resolution touching on important issues and questions of the day as deemed necessary.

     The Joint Annual Committees shall consist of New Bodies Committee, Time and
Place Committee, Hospitality Community, and Obituary Committee. 

The New Bodies Committee shall seek out the audience to see if there might be a church or ministry desiring to join in fellowship with this Body.  The Time and Place Committee shall nominate the location of the next year’s annual session after properly consulted with that church’s pastor or designee.
The Hospitality Committee shall be empowered to express appreciation to the host church on behalf of the entire body for the manner in which they hosted this body during the annual session.
The Obituary Committee shall tabulate the total homegoings of each church in the Body in order to set aside a period to memorialize their lives. 

    The Finance Committee shall consist of the Presidents of each ministry along with their treasurers, and financial secretaries who shall meet throughout the year to
monitor the financial activities of their ministry.           

    A Finance Committee shall also be established by each ministry during the annual session in order to receive the funds for their day. 

    A Nominating Committee shall be appointed for each day for each ministry in order to nominate officers for their ministry as deemed necessary because of a vacancy, non performance, or tenure.

    The Planning Committee shall be called at the hands of the Moderator and shall
meet throughout the year for the purpose of properly planning the program for the Annual Session.

    Each Ministry may appoint separate committees as they deem necessary to carry
on the work of their ministry.        

                            ARTICLE XII - TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING 

    The Body shall meet annually Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
following the third Sunday in July and shall meet at such place as selected in the
annual session or the Executive Board. 

                                ARTICLE XIII - ALTERING THE CONSTITUTION 

    The Constitution may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the active churches present, provided due notice of the change was given at the previous annual meeting. 

                                                            ARTICLE XIV 

    The Association has the privilege to set up or establish By-Laws which will compliment or give greater meaning. 

                           SECTION 1 – SUBORDINATION TO CONSTITUTION

SUBORDINATION: - The Eighteen Articles of Faith as published in the New National Baptist HYMNAL is adopted as part of the Constitution of the Association. 


The True God
The Fall of Man
Way of Salvation
The Freeness of Salvation
Repentance and Faith
God’s Purpose of Grace
Perseverance of  Saints Faith       
The Law and Gospel         
The Gospel Church
Baptism & The Lord’s Supper.   
The Christian Sabbath   
Civic Government   
Righteous and Wicked
The World to Come        

CONSTITUTION OF UNION:  The Constitution of any union, hereafter in effect, is incorporated by reference into these bylaws.  If there is any conflict between this Constitution and the church bylaws, the Constitution shall prevail or the association will revoke the union.  The secretary/clerk of the church shall keep a copy of the Association Constitution with their Church bylaws.


Approved July, 2000           

Revised July, 2001           

Revised July, 2003

Revised July, 2010

Revised July, 2011

                                                    Duties of the Officers 

Moderator:                             It shall be the duty of the Moderator to preside over 
                                                 this Body, to preserve order, to lead in the planning 
                                                 of all of the activities of the Association, appoint members 
                                                 to all committees unless otherwise directed, deliver the     
                                                 Moderator’s Address at the Annual Meeting, represent
                                                 the Association at any and all calendar events and other 
                                                 events as deemed wise, to authorize the Treasurer to 
                                                 distribute money allocated for the various causes.  To 
                                                 work closely with the Presidents of all the Ministries and 
                                                 Committee Chairs in promotion of their work and 
                                                 to delegate authority when it seems wise and fitting and
                                                 to keep a watchful eye over things in general for the 
                                                 promotion of the welfare and the progress of 
                                                 the Association. 

Vice Moderators:                   It shall be the duty of the Vice Moderator to work with 
                                                 and under the authority of the Moderator; to assist him
                                                 as he sees fit according to his need in carrying out the 
                                                 work of the Association; to preside and otherwise act in 
                                                 the absence of the Moderator, according to rank. 

Director of Ministries       

and Deacon Session:
              It shall be the duty of the Director to provide leadership
                                                 that will enhance the relationships of Ministers and 
                                                 Deacons in the Association.    

Executive Administrator:     It shall be the duty of the Executive Administrator to
                                                 assist the Moderator whenever necessary in making
                                                 the work of the association successful.  The Executive
                                                 Administrator will be responsible for the Moderator’s 
                                                 Registration Reservations and other required 
                                                 accommodations for Calendar events.  This person 
                                                 shall coordinate the activities of the entire Body - all 
                                                 departments and auxiliaries-to ensure the fulfillment 
                                                 of our mission and compile the annual program and 
                                                 minute required for the annual session.  The Executive 
                                                 Administrator will have the credit card information and 
                                                 the authority to pay bills and make reservations for the 
                                                 Moderator when needed.  Also, coordinate with other 
                                                 officers of the association when necessary. 

Executive Secretary:             It shall be the duty of the Executive Secretary to assist
                                                the Moderator, and Executive Administrator whenever 
                                                necessary in making the work of the association 
                                                successful.  This person shall coordinate the activities
                                                of the entire Body - all departments and auxiliaries-to 
                                                ensure the fulfillment of our mission, compile the annual 
                                                program and minutes, assist the moderator in maintaining
                                                current e-mail, and mailing addresses of the churches of
                                                the association.  

Recording Secretary:           It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to record
                                               the minutes of the Association in the Annual Meeting,
                                               call meetings, Executive Board Meetings, prepare minutes 
                                               of the programs for the Annual Meeting of all bodies, 
                                               distribute copies of the minutes to the churches of the 
                                               Association, assist the Moderator in preparation of the 
                                               agenda for session and planning meetings.  Minutes will 
                                               be finalized and submitted to the moderator within 3 days 
                                               of the meeting. 

Assistant Recording

                           It shall be the duty of the Assistant Recording Secretary to 
                                                   act in the absence of the Recording Secretary as well as assist 
                                                   as deemed necessary

Corresponding Secretary:    It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to
                                                work closely with the Moderator/Presidents and the 
                                                Recording Secretary to ensure that all 
                                                correspondences/communication go out in a timely

Statistical Secretary:            It shall be the duty of the Statistical Secretary to collect 
                                                and report the statistics of this Body. 

Treasurer:                             It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all money 
                                                of the Association/Ministries at the hand of the Financial 
                                                Secretary, give a receipt of the same and deposit it in a 
                                                reputable bank; pay out by check according to the 
                                                directives of the Moderator/Presidents upon receipt
                                                of a request by voucher.  Also, to give a statement of 
                                                account balance when called for by the Moderator, 
                                                Presidents, Executive Board and give the Executive 
                                                Board full accounting of all income and 
                                                disbursements.  The Treasurer will be the holder of 
                                                number (2) Association credit card for payment as 
                                                determined by the Moderator.  The Treasurer shall
                                                serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. 

                                                It shall be the duty of the Treasurer with the assistance
                                                of the Financial Secretary to prepare an itemized report 
                                                of income and disbursements for the Annual Meeting of
                                                the Association showing:       

                                                1.)  Balances brought forward from the previous fiscal 

                                                2.)  Income for the current fiscal year,

                                                3.)  Disbursements for the current fiscal year, and

                                                4.)  Balance.

                                                        This must be accompanied by bank statements and cancelled 
                                                      checks as property of the Body, to be submitted to an audit, as 
                                                      the Body deems necessary.      

Financial Secretary:              It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to work 
                                                closely with the Treasurer and maintain accurate 
                                                up-to-date records of the financial status of the 

Organist:                                It shall be the duty of the Organist to provide music at 
                                                annual sessions and as needed at other 
                                                association/ministerial events

Dean of the Institute:            It shall be the duty of the Dean of the Institute to 
                                                provide training sessions to the Body.  To offer at least 
                                                one major Institute for the Body and possibly mini 
                                                sessions throughout the year as demand dictates. 


    The Presidents of the Missionary, the Christian Education Ministry, and the Youth Ministry shall lead in

the planning of the activities of the Annual Meeting of their Bodies respectively, appoint members of all committees unless directed; deliver an Annual Address when the Body meets, represent through the Moderator their departments at Hayes-Allen Day, Founder’s Day at the Baptist Children’s Home and Virginia Union University and wherever else they deem necessary to instruct the Treasurer of that Ministry to distribute money allocated for the various causes; to keep a watchful eye in general for the welfare of the entire Association and its Allied Bodies.   

The Vice Presidents’, Secretaries’ and Treasurers’ duties shall be the same as those recorded above for the Association Proper. 

Youth Ministry Director/Directress and Assistant - It shall be the duty of the Youth Directors to provide on-going holistic ministries to young people, which will enable them to live as productive Christians. 

Legal/Technical Advisor - It shall be the duties of the Legal/Technical Advisor to advise the Moderator on all policies, Baptist Doctrine and the Constitution of the Ebenezer Baptist Association, and advise on all the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as related to the Ebenezer Baptist Association conducting business within the state.