Ebenezer Baptist Association


​                                              C/O Rev. Dr. Jimmie L. Walker, Sr., Moderator

3103 Tinsley Terrace

Prince George, Virginia  23875

(H) 804-862-3102 - (Fax) 804-862-3106 - (Cell) 804-721-2487

                                                     From the Desk of The Moderator                                
                                                         Greeting in the name of the Lord 

        I entered my duties as Moderator with a sense of humility, with appreciation of the attendant responsibilities of the office, and with anxiety lest my abilities fail to keep pace with eagerness to
render the service you expect and to which you are entitled.     

        In this 21st Century, we acknowledge the Spirit of God doing "a new thing” in the body of Christ. It is a transformation work within the people of God, and a manifestation of the love of God toward all humanity, far too long, there has been passivity in the body of Christ that has proven to be the pathos in our communities. 

      God is opening the eyes of His people, stirring His people up, along with the Association, to actively seek salvation and pursue the advancement of those around us in our communities, this is not being done to take us back. 

      This is what God is presently doing with the Ebenezer Baptist Association. God has stirred us up to play a larger role in His ongoing work of creativity in the church and the surrounding communities. 

      I shall devote myself unswervingly toward the attainment of our objectives. 

     This is our Mandate from God to do the work He has assigned us to do.  I look forward to continued work with the association

  Yours in Christ.

Jimmie L Walker, Sr.
 Rev. Dr. Jimmie L. Walker, Sr.,  Moderator